Stop your cakes sticking to the tin

This is one of my nana’s tips from when she taught me how to bake when I was little, and it really
is the simplest one to follow! In order to stop your cakes from sticking in the tin, all you need to do
is take a little bit of time in preparing your tin.

Always grease AND line your tin

…it’s that simple! If you’re making a sponge for example, make sure to grease the tin and line with pre-cut baking
paper on the bottom and up the sides- the neater the better!

If you’re making a brownie or something similar, you can get away with greasing the tin, ripping off
a piece of oversized parchment and lining the tin. This way you’ve got something to grab on to, to
lift the cake out of the tin once it’s done.

No-Sink Cakes!

One of the most common things that I get asked as a baker, is how I make my cakes rise so much without sinking.

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